The nine riders of the #GreenTeam for 100th edition of Giro d’Italia have been chosen. After last and decisive tests at Tour of the Alps and Tour of Croatia, Bruno and Roberto Reverberi, together with Stefano Zanatta, dispelled all the doubts.

At the Big Start in Alghero, Sardinia, on May 5th, Bardiani-CSF will be represented by Vincenzo Albanese, Simone Andreetta, Enrico Barbin, Nicola Boem, Giulio Ciccone, Mirco Maestri, Stefano Pirazzi, Lorenzo Rota and Nicola Ruffoni. Four the substitutes, in case of necessity before the start of the race: Paolo Simion, Simone Velasco, Simone Sterbini and Edoardo Zardini.

“We have clear ideas about Giro d’Italia, the way to ride it, and we strong believe the riders will be able to turn the aims into actions, attacks and, why not, successes” said team manager Roberto Reverberi. “Riders’ selection is the result of a long thought and accurate observation. Our priorities have been the form, first of all all, and the improving signals that riders showed during last weeks”

“It’s never easy to make choices, all the riders of the team had a chance, but we’ve trust in every single riders we selected. It’s almost redundant saying how much the Giro is important for us, but this awareness it’s not enough to leave a mark on the race. Dedication, passion, determination and even suffering: these is what we need make a bold performance. It will be a hard challenge but we can’t wait to start” added Reverberi.

With an average age of 24.5 years old, the #GreenTeam is in the running to be the youngest team of 100th Giro d’Italia. Two are the debutants, Rota and Albanese, the one who can aspire to be the youngest rider in the peloton (20 years old, born in November 1996). Three riders have one year experience at Corsa Rosa – Andreetta, Ciccone and Maestri in 2016 – while Barbin raced two editions, Ruffoni three, Boem four (all finished) and Pirazzi seven (from 2010 to 2016, all brought to a close).

Bardiani-CSF will line up three Giro stage winners – Ciccone in Sestola in 2016, Boem in Forlì in 2015 and Pirazzi in Vittorio Veneto in 2014. Stefano also claimed the blue jersey as King of the Mountain in 2013. Since its creation, in 2013, the #GreenTeam always took part at Giro d’Italia, winning six stages: Battaglin in 2013; Canola, Battaglin and Pirazzi in 2014; Boem in 2015 and Ciccone in 2016.