Damiano Cunego, at his 11° participation to Giro d’Italia, will lead the team. With the leadership of Grega Bole to support him and the young man of escapes Giacomo Berlato. Double official debut for the young Japanese rider Genki Yamamoto and the Italian talent Iuri Filosi.
La Spezia, 30th of April.
It is official the line-up of the Italian-Japanese team of the NIPPO Vini Fantini team for the Giro d’Italia.

The Sports Director Stefano Giuliani has been talking for a long time with all the staff and with the Japanese Team Manager Hiroshi Daimon, with the goal to honor at the best, the most important race of the season, the Giro d’Italia: “We want to be competitive in Giro d’Italia and than we had been considering also the Tour of japan line-up for the end of May, the most important moment of our racing calendar. Our team has leaders and young talents, and in both line-up we will have expert leaders and young talents that can surprise and reach great results.”

The Giro d’Italia 2016 will see competing on the Italian (and Nederland) roads these 9 #OrangeBlue riders:

Talent, determination, desire to win and great experience. At his 11° participation to the Giro d’Italia is ready to guide his team-mates in the pink race. “I’m ready and strongly determined, I feel very well and I study all the stages of this Giro that is designed perfectly for my goal, be ready to look for single stages victories. I want to come back to win and I want to do it giving all what I have in some very important action. As it is in my style I will race giving all the best, and I’m sure to obtain great results”.

GREGA BOLE: #TheCharismaticLeader.
The winner of the first stage of the year, charismatic leader, winning jolly that could live the sign in this Giro: “The fall of Amstel Gold Race was a bad accident on my road to Giro, I was feeling very good and my preparation was perfect. But I fully recovered from the accident and I’ve been training very hard to be ready for the most important race of the season, the Giro d’Italia. Me and Damiano we complete each other, with different features, we can attack in different stages, have fun and give to the team great satisfactions if well supported by the team.”

4 times into an escape in Giro 2015, in the right escape of Amstel Gold Race 2016, his role in the team is clear, but the young Italian talent, at his second participation to the Giro d’Italia wants a pink podium: “I’m really happy to be part of the Giro roster for the second year, I’m conscious that at my age is not easy to be there for the second time. My work will be at full disposal of the team, but I will have an opportunity of a great escape until the finish line, I want to battle for the podium and maybe a victory.”

GENKI YAMAMOTO: #TheJapaneseTalent.
The Japanese escape man, well known for the Tour de San Luis arrival where after more than 100 km of escape has been catch in last 100 meter to the finish line by the group during the sprint. At his debut in the pink ride, the young Japanese Talent is a complete rider at disposal of the team. “I’m really happy and motivated, to race in Europe it helps me a lot to grow, but now to be at Giro d’Italia it is another great opportunity to grow more. I will be at full disposal of the team and to represent with honor the Japan and all Japanese supporters at the Giro d’Italia.”

IURI FILOSI: #UnpredictabilityTalent
The young bet of the NIPPO Vini Fantini team, ready to explode, at his debut in the Pink Ride. From the mountains of trentino a good climber, already called by Cassani for stages with the Italian Selection. In the current season a good placement in Volta Limburg with a 5th position of stage, in the escape at Giro of Trentino. Ready for his first great Giro to find regularity and explode his talent. “I can’t wait to start this amazing experience of the first Giro and I’m strongly determined to do good things. I’m looking to stages of second and third week.”

One of the most able climbers of the team, a good support for the captain, but also ready to surprise in the third week of Giro. 4th place in Italian Championship 2015, at his second participation to the pink ride, but the first with #OrangeBlue jersey.
“I crashed in Appennino stopping a good growth because of a broken shoulder, but the Giro is a long ride and my stages will come in the second and third week. I’m fully recovered and I will be ready in the third week of Giro. The first week we will be doing lots of km and I will grow my performances while riding to be useful for team strategies and Damiano Cunego in the second part of Giro. I love to attack, and when I will have the chance to do it I will be there.”

The last man of Damiano Cunego already in Giro 2015, the climber from Trentino has lots of experience and will be an important man at full disposal of sports directors in the second and third week of Giro d’Italia. “I will face this Giro d’Italia with determination & humility. To participate to the pink ride is always an incredible emotion, we will honor with the full team with all our determination this invite. I’m ready to be part of some long action in the hardest stage of this Giro, where I can show my best capability.”

EDUARD GROSU: #TheIngeniousSprinter.
The fastest rider of the #OrangeBlue roster of this Giro, able to be there also in hard stages and when the weather goes bad, as he show in Giro del Piemonte 2015 concluded in 4th position and in the 13th stage of the Giro d’Italia 2015 closed at the 5th place. The young Rumenian talent, at his second Giro d’Italia, is looking for the podium: “I want to thank Sports Directors for the trust and for the call, I want to ra-pay them catching at least a podium in a sprint and being part of some important action.”

RICCARDO STACCHIOTTI: #TheWinningGregarious.
The young talent growth inside the team, since from the Under23 category and keeping his growth in the second Giro d’Italia of his career. Started with a gregarious role he won stages and the general ranking of the Tour de Hokkaido 2015. Ready to continue his growth with a great Giro d’Italia 2016: “In this year and an half in the Professional category I growth a lot. The experience of Giro d’Italia 2015 helps me to improve has man and as rider, taking myself to the victory in Japan in the end of the season. I come to Giro d’Italia to help the team, but if I will have a chance to make an action I will be ready.”

The missing riders? Fully explained in the final words of Stefano Giuliani: “In the team we have leaders and young talents and have been divided to honor in the best way as possible the Giro d’Italia, but also the great Asian race that we will have in the end of May, the Tour of Japan. We have a double soul, Italian & Japanese, and we want to honor in the best way as possible both races. In both rosters we have great leaders and winning riders. We want to take results in Europe and in Asia, I’m sure that with this two line-up we will make great things.”