Gazprom Rusvelo

We are pleased to announce the Gazprom-RusVelo’s lineup for the Giro d’Italia! Riders starting at the Grand Tour on May 6th: Sergey Firsanov, Alexander Kolobnev, Ivan Savitsky, Artem Ovechkin, Alexander Serov, Artur Ershov, Alexander Foliforov, Andrey Solomennikov, Alexey Rybalkin. The team leader will be Sergey Firsanov. He will be supported by both experienced warriors of the team, as well as talented young climbers. In the sprint stages the main man will be Ivan Savitsky, and in the mixed profile stages — Alexander Kolobnev. The decision was made by the management of the team and the sports directors based on results of the preparatory period. The key competitions for determining the team composition was the Giro del Trentino and the Tour of Croatia, which took place last week. Guys, we believe in your victory!

Gazprom – RusVelo (9)
Ershov, Artur
Firsanov, Sergey
Foliforov, Aleksandr
Kolobnev, Alexander
Ovechkin, Artem
Rybalkin, Aleksey
Savitsky, Ivan
Serov, Alexander
Solomennikov, Andrey