Born on November 9, 1990
26 years old
Height / Weight : 1m84 / 65 kg
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Vuelta : 1st participation
Palmarès : 2nd Tour de France (2016); 3rd Tour de France (2017); Six victories including three stage wins in the Tour de France (2015-2016-2017); Stage win Critérium Dauphiné (2015)

Julien Jurdie : “Romain will participate in two Grand Tours in the same season for the first time since turning pro in 2012. His level of condition after finishing the Tour de France allows him to approach the Vuelta with confidence. His ambitions will be different from those that he went with to the Tour. But he hopes to figure prominently in the stages that correspond to his strengths.” 

Born on June 29, 1992

25 years old
Height / Weight :1m77 / 56 kg
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Vuelta : 2nd participation
Palmarès : 18th du Tour de Wallonie (2017)

Julien Jurdie : “As with Domenico (Pozzovivo), he participated in the Giro at the beginning of the season. Clément wanted to participate in a second Grand Tour this season, and his recent run of good form convinced us that we should put him in the Vuelta line up. Though he is still quite young, he has a lot of experience, and will prove very useful on the hilly stages. He will also be able to play his own card on certain stages.”

Born on February 15, 1994
23 years old
Height / Weight  : 1m83 / 71kg
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Vuelta : 1st participation
Palmarès : 4th Cholet Pays-de Loire (2016); wore the yellow jersey at the Tour de l’Avenir for a stage (2016)

Julien Jurdie : “Nico joined the team in August 2015 and will participate in his first Grand Tour this year at the Vuelta. After a good summer of preparation, he proved that he could be very useful for the team, most especially recently during the Tour of Poland.” 

Born on August 7, 1990
27 years old
Height / Weight  :1m79 / 65 kg
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Vuelta : 2nd participation
Palmarès : 1 stage victory at the Circuit de la Sarthe (2014); 2nd in a Vuelta stage (2016); 2nd in a stage Critérium du Dauphiné (2017).

Julien Jurdie : “Like last year, Axel will participate in two Grand Tours in the same season. He has proven over the seasons and especially during the recent Tour de France that he is a valuable teammate for the whole team. At the last Vuelta, he was close to a stage win (2nd) during the 8th stage; so he can certainly win!”

Julien DUVAL
Born May 27, 1990
27 years old
Height / Weight :1m79 / 69 kg
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Vuelta : 1st participation

Palmarès : 3rd in a stage Four Days of Dunkirk (2017); 3rd Polynormande, Roue Tourangelle (2017).

Julien Jurdie : “After Samuel Dumoulin crashed so hard recently, we chose to take Julien to the Vuelta. During his first year on the team, he has proven his team spirit and his qualities as a teammate.Now is his chance to discover a three week race. He will be a very important rider in our team to protect our leaders, especially on the second stage into Gruissan, where there could definitely be echelons.”

Alexandre GENIEZ
Born on April 16, 1988
29 years old
Height / weight : 1m82 / 64 kg
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Vuelta : 5th participation
Palmarès :
8 victories including two stages of the Vuelta (2013, 2016); 9th in the Giro d’Italia (2015)

Julien Jurdie : “Alexander has had a very difficult spring and after a long period of doubt he has come back to the top level by winning the last stage of the Tour de l’Ain. He can look forward to the Vuelta with confidence. It is a race he knows very well and where he has already won two stages in the past. His main role will be to accompany Domenico (Pozzovivo) and Romain (Bardet) as long as possible in the mountains, and he will also have the freedom to try to take another stage victory.”

Born on March 5, 1993
24 years old
Size / Weight : 1m76 / 66kg
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Vuelta : 2nd participation
Palmarès : 9 wins including a stage of the Vuelta (2015)

Julien Jurdie : “Alexis has had a mixed season.After working hard in July, he has proved that he has regained his high level by winning the Polynormande. We know his strengths as a very generous teammate and an aggressive rider. He can ride very hard, and will be an important member of the team to protect our leaders during the nervous stages.And don’t forget that in his first participation of this race in 2015 he managed to win a stage, and very well could do so again.” 

Born on September 27, 1990
26 years old
Size / Weight : 1m85 / 71kg
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Vuelta : 1st entry

Palmarès : Pan American and Canadian Champion ITT (2015)

Julien Jurdie : “Hugo has participated in the Giro in the last two seasons. Now he will discover the Vuelta. At 26, he seems to have gained a new level physically, and knows well how to be the perfect teammate.He can rub elbows in hectic stages, but also can be present in the hilly ones as well. A classics specialist, he will be most useful on the very nervous stages.”

Domenico Pozzovivo
Born on November 30, 1982
34 years old
Size / Weight : 1m65 / 53 kg
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Vuelta : 3rd participation (6th in 2013)
Palmarès : Six Top Ten at the Grands Tours (Giro and Vuelta); Thirteen victories including a stage of the Giro d’Italia (2012), a stage Tour of Catalunya (2015) and a stage of the Tour de Suisse (2017)

Julien Jurdie :
“Domenico Pozzovivo proved this season that he had regained the level of being among the best riders in stage races. He has been very consistent since the beginning of the season. His return to competition at the Tour of Poland (6th) is a good sign that he will be a serious threat for a place in the top-10 or even better at this Vuelta.”