Domenico Pozzovivo (Ita)
Born on, November 30th 1982
34 years old
Pro rider since 2005
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Giro : 11th participation ; 5th (2014); 8th (2012); 9th (2008-2013)
Winner Stage 8 (2012)

“He will be our leader for this Giro. After having raced it ten times, he knows the race perfectly well and can recognize the traps. Domenico excels when the course is difficult, and his recent performances (3rd of the Tour of the Alps – 12th of Liège-Bastogne-Liège) lead us to predict great things for him during the three weeks of racing. After crashing out in 2015 and drudging through a difficult Giro last year, we hope to see him once again in the top-10in the overall standings.”

Hubert Dupont
Born on November 13th 1980
36 years old
Pro rider since 2005
Giro : 10th participation; 11th (2016-2011)

“The perfect example of an ideal teammate ! Hubert is an experienced rider who knows the Giro very well. He is able to ride with the team leaders deep into each mountain stage, and he is a very valuable member of the team especially in a three week race. Last year, he finished in 11th place overall for the second time in his career. He is coming into shape at exactly the right time, and he will be ready for the rendez-vous.”

Matteo Montaguti (Ita)
Born on January 6th 1984
33 years old
Pro rider since 2008
Giro : 7th participation

“Always a very good teammate, always switched-on for his national tour, he is able to get over the middle mountains and still have enough speed to go for a victory in case a small group arrives at the finish together. Nineteenth last year, he can also work as our third man for the team classification. His victory at the Tour of the Alps (stage 4) should work as a trigger for his confidence, and he will be keen to tackle the Giro where he nearly already won a stage last year (2nd in stage 8).”

Clément Chevrier
Born on June 29th 1992
24 years
Pro rider since 2015
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Giro : 2e participation

“Clément is a young rider but he is already about to race his third Grand Tour. During the upcoming three weeks of racing, he will ride for our leaders for as long as possible in the mountainous stages.He will also be able to play his own cards on certain stages.”

Ben Gastauer (Lux)
Born on November 14th 1987
29 years old
Pro rider since 2010
Giro : 4th participation

“After concentrating on the Tour de France these past three seasons, Ben is back at the Giro which was his first three-week race back in 2011.At the recent Tour of the Alps he proved he was on form. In addition to working for the team, Ben also has the ability to play our third man for the team classification.”

Quentin Jaurégui
Born on April 22th 1994
23 years old
Pro rider since 2014
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Giro : 1st participation

“After having already raced the Vuelta, Quentin will have the chance to discover a new Grand Tour with the Giro. His twelfth place this year at Strade Bianche shows that he is not afraid to fight on the bike. In the tricky and nervous stages, he will able to provide important support for Domenico.”

Alexandre Geniez
Born on April 16th 1988
29 years old
Pro rider since 2010
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Giro : 4th participation; 9th (2015); 13th (2014)

“After his fantastic win this year at the Tour de Provence, Alexandre went through a rather complicated period.He will be starting the Giro, which is a race where he has found success in the past (9th in 2015), and this should give him the chance to regain those good sensations and confidence as the days go by. As we have already witnessed at the last Vuelta, he can also be a candidate for a stage victory, and a luxury teammate for Domenico.”

François Bidard
Born on March 19th 1992
25 years old
Pro rider since 2016
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Giro : 1st participation

“After racing the Vuelta last season, François has reached a new level since the beginning of the season. He proved that again recently at the Tour of the Alps (22th in GC). François is at ease in the mountains, he can slip into breakaways and be a valuable support during difficult stage finishes.”

Julien Bérard
Born on July 27th 1987
29 years old  
Pro rider since 2010
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Giro : 6th participation

“Last year, Julien changed his program and did not participate in a Grand Tour. This year he will regain the feel for the atmosphere and the requirements of the three-week races. Nevertheless, this will be his 6th participation at the Giro, and he will be there to protect Domenico during the complicated stages where positioning is so important. He will also be able to slip into the breakaway on certain stages.”